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Letter to Chairman Brady to Include Provisions in Tax Reform

Mar 09, 2017

Attached, please find a link to download the letter the Association sent to Chairman Brady on March 6, 2017  Read more

The Sub S Bank Report Volume 19, Issue 4

Dec 30, 2016

The Sub S Bank Report Volume 19, Issue 4 is now available to read. Learn more about: Post Election Impact; S Corp Still Makes Sense; Shareholder Agreements Can Save the Day for S Elections; S Corporation Talking Notes from the IRS; ADA Website Threats; & The Date of the 20th Annual Conference in 2017. To read it, log in with your membership information. If you need assistance resetting your log in information or did not receive the email copy to your inbox email Amy Trevino at   Read more

Vaulation Comment Period Closes

Nov 04, 2016

The official comment period on the proposed Section 2704 regulations closed on November 2nd with 9,830 comments filed. The Ways & Means Republicans also released a letter on November 3rd stating their strong opposition to the rules. The 24 committee members signed the letter, which states, "The proposed regulations as drafted represent a dramtic change from past practice and history and are not consistent with the congressional intent. In order to avoid immediate and substantial economic harm to family-owned businesses andn the jobs they create, these regulations should be withdrawn. any new proposal in this area should be clearly defined and narrowly targeted withink the reach of the applicable statutory rules." The IRS will host a public hearing on December 1st, where the issue is likely to be addressed.     Read more